2018.11.11 This week, the overall price of China's carbon raiser market was stable, among which the low-grade recarburizer market remained unchanged. The overall trading volume was slightly weak, and the inventory of individual enterprises was higher. The post-calcining coke refining agent market The overall stability is mainly due to the stable price of medium and high sulfur calcined post-coke, and there are signs of downside. The market price of graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer is stable, and some enterprises offer lower prices.

The high-grade recarburizer was affected by the price of raw materials, and the downstream market gradually limited production. The market quotation began to decline, but due to different enterprise orders, individual companies still reported stability. The heating season is approaching, environmental protection policies have been introduced in various places, environmental protection inspections are relatively high, and corporate rectification and environmental protection investment have increased.

General calcined coal recarburizer:
2018.11.11 The mainstream price of China's carbon refining agent market was stable this week, and the market trading was stable overall. However, due to the limited production in the downstream market due to the heating season, the company started to work in a limited manner, and the company shipped in general, mostly for the implementation of fixed customers, and the overall performance was weak. In stock. The price of raw materials for calcined anthracite is stable. The environmental protection situation in the main producing area is stable in Ningxia. The operation of the company is stable, the supply of raw materials is normal, but the price is stable, and the cost-supporting carbon-reinforcing agent is limited.

In terms of start-up: the production of enterprises in Ningxia, the main producing area of ​​general calcination and recarburizing agent, is stable at present. The company said that the recent shipments are general, but the environmental protection reform and the construction of the material yard have led to an increase in the cost of the enterprises. There are differences in the selection of raw materials in the market enterprises, and the price difference exists in the external prices. . It is expected that after entering the heating season, due to the impact of heavy pollution weather control and downstream start-up, the market price of recarburizer will fluctuate.

Downstream: Domestic construction steel prices fluctuated weakly this week. Specifically, the market as a whole is still in a state of tepid, with limited news on local production restrictions and limited production bonuses. In terms of regions, the North China region was affected by steel mill maintenance and heating seasons, and the price was strong. The weather in Northeast China and Northwest China turned cold, demand was weak, and prices were weak. East China, Central China and South China were affected by the Expo. The impact of environmental protection and production restrictions, prices rise and fall, and regional differentiation. This week, the snails fluctuated and fell, and the weather in the north turned cold, the demand was not smooth, and the market prices in many places showed a weak state. Considering comprehensively, it is expected that the short-term building materials market price will be dominated by weak shocks, and the adjustment range will be less than 50 yuan.

Calcined coke recarburizer:
2018.11.11 This week, the mainstream price of China's calcined coke recarburizer market was stable, raw material prices were steady and small, and corporate cost pressures were alleviated. Production: The concentration of calcined coke recarburizer enterprises is higher around the calcined coke production enterprises, represented by Huludao, Tianjin, Jiangsu, etc., but the heating season is approaching, and local environmental protection policies are released one after another, temporarily no impact, but Looking forward to the view. The start of downstream steel mills will be limited, and demand side support will be weak.

Raw materials: medium and high sulfur calcined coke: This week, the high sulfur calcined coke was shipped under pressure, and the market coke price dropped by about 50 yuan/ton from the previous period. In terms of production, the enterprises in Jiangsu Province started to work 50-60% this week. Although the environmental protection situation in other regions is severe, it has not yet had a significant impact on the normal production of enterprises. On the demand side, the output of some enterprises' calcination has increased recently, and some of them have reduced their production independently. The market demand for calcined coke for aluminum continues to decrease. The short-term market demand is still not optimistic. Considering the cost, the company's coke price is still slowing down. It is expected that the market decline will be controlled at 0-50 yuan/ton next week.

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer:
2018.11.11 This week, the market price of China's graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer was stable, and some companies' prices were lowered. The raw material oil coke price is stable and downward, and the cost support is limited. The heating season is approaching, and local environmental protection policies are being released one after another. At present, there is no impact on the production of enterprises. However, in the long run, as the frequency of heavy pollution in winter increases, the market starts or will be limited. Production: Individual production in Henan and Xinjiang is suspended due to environmental protection, and the operating rate is declining. The enterprises in Jiangsu, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia are operating stably. In addition, graphitization enterprises of anode materials have started to work, and the output has been released. Graphitization and recarburizers are highly concentrated in Inner Mongolia. Enterprises in Jiangsu Province have normal production, good shipments and smooth exports.

Forecast: Due to environmental reasons, it is expected that the market will start to fluctuate, the low-grade recarburizer market will continue to move forward, raw material support is limited, and enterprises mainly maintain fixed customers or consume inventory; calcined coke recarburizers or Due to the reduction in raw material prices, the estimated range is around RMB 200/ton. High-grade recarburizers are expected to fall in mainstream prices, with a range of around RMB 300/ton.

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carbon additive 0-3mm
Date: March 16,2018
Moisture: 0.24%
Ash: 0.39%
Volatile Matter: 0.67%
Fixed Carbon: 98.70%
Sulphur: 0.26%

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Wednesday, 09 May 2018 08:58

Calcined Petroleum Coke 0-2mm

Item Size(mm) Fixed Carbon(%) Sulphur(%) Ash (%) Moisture (%) Denisty
Calcined Petroleum Coke  0-2  ≥98  ≤0.8  ≤0.28  ≤0.5  ≥2.03


Foshan Yoshida Casting Material Co., Ltd. is a carbon material comprehensive industrial company integrating R & D, production and sales, and the main products are calcined petroleum coke, graphited calcined petroleum coke and other carbon additive products.

Calcined petroleum coke is a high purity carbon material produced by heating green petroleum coke to drive off moisture, volatile matter, and impurities and to increase its electrical conductivity, which is used to improve the carbon content in steel-making and ductile iron foundry.

It is widely used to produce graphite electrode, graphite blocks, brakes pads and other carbon products. it can also be used as carbon additive in some steel and aluminum plants, another, it is used in refractory, insulation, filler,etc.

Afterwards, through crushing, screening and classification, we supply our users with the different particle size as the customers' request like 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 1-5mm, 8-30mm and more, alos the specifications.

If you have requirment for calcined petroleum coke as carbon additive/carbon raiser, please don’t hesitate to contact with me.

Packing and Loading

Calcined Petroleum Cokes packing with:

1.Small bag:25kg kraft bag or PP bag.

2.Big bag: 1000kg Jumboo bag

3.According to customer's requirements.

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