2018.12.07 China's CPC & GPC price market overview

2018.12.07 This week, China's carbon-reducing agent price market continued to show a weak development. The prices of various grades of carbon-reducing agents were lowered. The overall market trading was general, and the market reaction sales slowed down.

Among them, the market of general calcination and recarburization agent is affected by the weak demand in the downstream market. The overall shipment is generally, individual enterprises still maintain inventory, and the price push is weak. The price of raw materials for calcined coke recarburizer is stable, the cost support is limited, and the raw materials are added. The overall market starts well. In the short term, the price control of raw materials may be small. The market price of graphitized recarburizers is lowered. The main reason is that the downstream steel mills are affected by environmental protection and production restrictions. The production of enterprises is limited. This winter, the stocks are limited, and the current carbon increase. The overall start of the agent market is relatively stable, the overall procurement problem is not big, and the new orders of enterprises are more wait-and-see attitude.

General calcined coal recarburizer:
2018.12.07 This week, the mainstream price of China's general calcined recarburizer market remained stable, and individual companies' quotations continued to fall. The main reasons for this market situation are as follows: First, the price of raw materials is affected by demand and cost, and the price is falling. The cost side supports the price of recarburizer. The second is the production of the main production area in the Ningxia region. The overall production is relatively normal, the market supply is sufficient, and the company maintains part of the inventory. The production of enterprises in Henan and Hebei has been normal. Third, the downstream receiving sentiment is still dull. The current inventory still needs time consumption, so it is affected by the supply and demand situation. Price reduction.

Downstream: This week, domestic steel prices rose and stabilized. At the beginning of the week, influenced by the easing of Sino-US economic and trade relations, steel prices ushered in a rebound after a continuous plunge. In addition, the news of Tangshan's limited production during the week stimulated the market to increase, and the market turnover was heavy, but the steel price rebound was limited. With the renewed uncertainty of the trade war, the demand for the final tour is weak, and the steel price continues to increase. The short-term domestic steel price is expected to fluctuate and consolidate. Short-term domestic steel prices are expected to run in a narrow range.

Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) recarburizer:
2018.12.07 This week, the mainstream price of China's calcined coke refining agent price market was stable, and the price of individual enterprises was up, mainly due to the downward price of raw materials and the weakening of cost support. In addition, the demand in the downstream market was light, and the new orders of steel mills have not yet been signed. Many discussions on the wait-and-see stage.

Production: At present, local environmental protection policies have been introduced one after another. The distribution of carbon refining enterprises is relatively wide, especially in Shandong, Tianjin and Liaoning. The environmental protection pressure is relatively high. At present, enterprises mostly reflect normal production, but with the continuous deepening of the heating season. Increased heavy pollution weather may limit production. In the short term, prices are mainly stable. It is expected that the prices of raw materials will continue to be weak in the later period, and the price of calcined coke will continue to decline.

Raw materials: medium and high sulfur calcined coke: This week, the medium and high sulfur calcined coke market was light, and most of the enterprises were under pressure. The mainstream transaction price of the market continued to drop by RMB 50/ton from last week. It is understood that the current production volume of most production companies in December has not been clearly sold, and the market situation of calcined coke is still grim. It is predicted that the market for high-sulphur calcined coke in the next week will also be stable, and the mainstream market price is expected to fall by RMB 0-50/ton.

Graphitized Petroleum Coke (GPC) recarburizer:
2018.12.07 This week, the market price of China's graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer prices declined. Although the prices of raw materials have stopped falling and some have rebounded slightly, but orders are currently limited, and downstream market demand is slower, restricting consumption, so the mainstream market prices have fallen.

Production: In the Henan and Xinjiang regions, the production of enterprises in Henan and Xinjiang was suspended due to environmental protection, and the operating rate declined. The enterprises in Jiangsu, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia started to work stably. In addition, the graphitization enterprises of anode materials in the Inner Mongolia market started to work, and the release of graphitized production increased. Demand: At present, most of the enterprises are mainly to maintain fixed customers. With the production of negative electrode factories in Inner Mongolia, the enterprises have higher filling materials and are filled with the market consumption of recarburizers. The market is under pressure. Inner Mongolia New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. annual production of 300,000 tons of carbon-reinforcing agent project will be put into operation in 2019, when the production capacity will lead the refining agent market. Enterprises in Jiangsu Province have normal production, good shipments and smooth exports.

Forecast: Entering the heating season, the local environmental protection policies are gradually clear. At present, most of the enterprises are starting to work; the market is mostly based on maintaining fixed customers, and the enterprises are more customized and packaged according to customer requirements; the downstream steel mills enter the heating season, and the production restriction policy will be gradually implemented. , limited work. Therefore, it will run weakly in the short term, but there is still a risk of downside. The downward adjustment is expected to be around 50-100 yuan/ton.

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