China Cathode Carbon Block Market Weekly Review (2018.12.20)

This week, the mainstream price of the cathode carbon block market was stable, and the overall trading volume was relatively stable. The price of raw calcined anthracite and low sulfur calcind pet coke was stable, but the price of coal tar pitch rebounded and supported, supporting the price of cathode carbon block, but the overall support was limited.

Production: The overall market start-up was stable compared with last week, but due to strict environmental protection inspection, the construction of Shanxi in the main producing area was slightly lower than before. The cathode production in the southwestern region was completely stopped. The enterprises in Central China and Northwest China started normally, but the start-up of individual enterprises was started. Low, mainly produces other products.

In terms of market trading: The market currently implements more fixed orders. In the first half of 19 years, most of the orders have been signed, including domestic sales and exports.

1. Shanxi Province issued the “Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control in Shanxi Province in 2018”. The plan points out that the most stringent system and the most powerful measures are taken to ensure air quality.

2, Shanxi Jinzhong issued the "Jinzhong City Air Pollution Prevention and Control 2018 Action Plan." Implement environmental protection upgrading projects for industrial enterprises. Since August 20th, the environmental inspection team has been inspected and continued until November, when the problem enterprises are rectified. Deep treatment is expected to be completed in mid-December.

Production: The environmental protection situation in the main producing area of ​​Shanxi Province entering the heating season is severe, and with heavy pollution, individual companies are being looked back to see the production reduction.

Production in the heating season in Henan is not affected by environmental protection; in the southwest region, Sichuan enterprises suspend production, main processing, etc.; Northwest enterprises produce normal; most enterprises have signed orders until June 2019, the national cathode carbon block cathode carbon block total national The production capacity is more than 600,000 tons, of which about 70% of the production capacity is concentrated in Jinzhong City, Shanxi.

Shanxi Province has a production capacity of 460,000 tons and a production of 19,800 tons in November. 2. The production capacity of Hebei Province is 25,000 tons, and the output in November is 500 tons. 3. 50,000 tons in Henan Province and 500 tons in November. 5. The Ningxia Autonomous Region has a production capacity of 4 tons and a production capacity of 1,500 tons. 6. Yunguichuan's production capacity is 49,000 tons, all of which are in production.

Cathode carbon block capacity utilization rate is low, and graphitized enterprises have many external processing graphite electrodes, which is also the main factor for the reduction of cathode carbon block production.

Low-sulfur calcined petroleum coke: This week, the low-sulfur calcination coke market is not well-sold, the downstream enterprises have reduced the procurement of raw materials, and there is a phenomenon of price reduction. Most of the low-sulfur calcination coke production enterprises have inventory in this week, and the transaction price has dropped significantly. According to the understanding, there is no significant change in the trading of low-sulfur Fushun calcined coke this week, and the price remains stable.

Downstream: Baichuan Information Statistics: As of December 20, 2018, China's electrolytic aluminum production capacity was 46.956 million tons, starting at 35.758 million tons, and the operating rate was 76.15%. In 2018, China's electrolytic aluminum has reduced production by 2.756 million tons. It has been determined that the output to be reduced is 140,000 tons, or the production is reduced but the quantity is not determined to be 10,000 tons.

In 2018, the scale of China's electrolytic aluminum production is about 5.093 million tons, and it has resumed production of 1.135 million tons. It is expected to resume production of 3.978 million tons. It is expected that it will resume production of 10,000 tons within the year. It is expected that a total of 952,000 tons will be realized during the year.

In 2018, China's electrolytic aluminum has been built and the new production capacity to be put into production is 4.0054 million tons. It has been put into operation with 2,235,500 tons. The new capacity is to be put into production of 1.815 million tons. It is under construction and has a new production capacity of 11.125 million tons. It is expected to be put into operation during the year. 16.5 million tons, the expected annual final realization of a total of 2.542 million tons.

Market outlook: The downstream electrolytic aluminum market is operated at a low level by aluminum prices, and the market's production reduction has increased. The company has stopped production and repairs, which is good for cathode consumption and increases corporate orders.

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